Posted by Adam at 11:31 PM

I made this cake in just 3 hours! The stripes aren't perfectly straight, but for a rush job, I thought it turned out decent. Lindsey was throwing a baby shower for a friend, so I thought I would whip out something cute really quick.

This was definitely a trial and error cake. The "straws" are made of white chocolate... they break really easily! I wouldn't recommend trying to make a cake like this unless you REALLY love the look.

The white chocolate straws are made with an old fashioned cheese grater, like this one...

The wire kind (the kind you'll find in most stores these days) won't work...

Get some white chocolate chips and slowly warm them up in the microwave in 30 second increments. Spread them over a cookie sheet to form a nice, even layer. Wait for them to almost completely harden and start peeling with even pressure. If it comes off in chunks, it's still too soft. If it just flakes off, it's too hard. It really takes a lot of practice to master, and I highly recommend freezing the straws right after you peel them so that they don't melt. When applying them to the cake, the faster you work, the better. They're fragile and they melt really easily!! Like I said, you have to really love the look to have the patience for it. I don't think I'll ever do another one unless a client wants it!


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